Twisitr is a clever new social media marketing tool designed from the ground up to help Social Media Managers deliver results that business owners and managers can get excited about!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the amount of effort that is going into your social media marketing versus the very limited amount of measurable, tangible business benefit you’re getting in return, then you need to stop whatever manual work you’re doing on Twitter right now and start joining the hundreds of smart marketers already generating remarkable business success by using Twisitr to turn their Twitter Followers into Website Visitors.

Here’s what a few of our most recent customers had to say about Twisitr…

“I must have tried at least a dozen different social media marketing tools over the last couple of years and always ended up frustrated with the lack of business that I was able to generate with them. However, since switching to Twisitr our monthly website visitors have quadrupled and we now have a steady stream of new business enquiries coming in through our website. I just wish I’d come across Twisitr sooner, it just works!”

Dave Johnson, Marketing Manager, Zico Shirts

“The thing that annoys me about Social Media is that there is just so much noise out there! I tried using Hootsuite, Buffer and SocialBro but in all honesty, even though I was working to a ‘Listen, Engage, Influence’ strategy I just felt like I was adding to the noise! A fellow business owner told me about Twisitr and I figured I might as well give it a go and boy am I glad I did! Twisitr gets the attention of my followers and drives them directly to a tailored landing page on our website that is proving to be very effective at generating leads for my plumbing business. The best part is that it costs less than those other tools and I spend of a fraction of the time on my social media marketing and generate much better results. Twisitr is a Win Win!”

Peter Winstanley, Owner, Cosy Plumbing & Heating